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Sports + Cartoon = Fail

November 15, 2008

So you like sports, right? And you like girls? Well what do you get when you have Girls AND sports?


An infallible idea got awry. Girls & Sports is a daily comic strip displayed proudly in 175 newspapers and publications. Which represents 175 letters I have to write to complain about the combination of poor artwork and complete lack of humor.

Let us look at this strip. Formula for hilarity: Draw couch and two bug eyed people. Gaussian blur background. Insert punchline in form of 12 year old movie reference. Show me the funny, am I right?

Or this one. We know this is totally unrealistic and unfunny because George Karl never does any coaching.

One more cutting edge joke. This one is funny because Shaq has never been called fat before. Never. Not once ever. Other fun facts you do not know: Steve Nash is Canadian and Shawn Kemp has lots of kids. Note: Jokes about How many kids Shawn Kemp has will not get old.

Sadly this thing runs not only in The NY Daily News and many college publications, but in the U.S. Military’s Stars and Stripes newspaper. This is about on par with sending Puddle of Mudd overseas to entertain the troops. They live in the desert and get shot at regularly, perhaps we could at least provide them with some real entertainment.