Return Of Sir Philip?

April 24, 2009

Via Peter Abraham’s blog:

UPDATE, 3:41 p.m.: Nardi Contreras just told reporters in Tampa that Wang needs more arm strength and that is sinker is not consistent enough.

I don’t know what injury they’ll claim he has, but every indication is that Wang will be on the DL sometime soon.

This seemed obvious. Options for starting are probably one of Phil Hughes, Ian Kennedy or Alfredo Aceves. Hughes and Kennedy are tearing up AAA, and while I have a few reservations about whether or not they can carry some confidence over from the minors to the Yankees I would like to see one of them get the call to start. The next scheduled spot after Wang’s start was skipped in Boston will be in Detroit. Quite a daunting task for one of these young guys. As one of two people in ownership of a Phil Hughes jersey (this is the other) I am especially excited about the possible return of our top prospect to the majors. The situation from which this possibility arises is less than desirable, but getting to see a pitcher currently dominating the minors with major league stuff is always exciting.

And for anyone who thinks the Yankees rotation is in dire straits, the Orioles are there to cheer you up. Any city that can not only employ Adam Eaton but  give him a standing ovation is okay with this blog. Just to refresh your memory, Eaton is the man Phillies fans booed during the World Series ring ceremony. In spite of his gem today Eaton is essentially a terrible pitcher who somehow has stuck in the majors on reputation alone. The particularly puzzling thing is that Eaton’s reputation is as a terrible pitcher. Yeah, chew on that one, baseball fans.


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