One Hell of a Start

April 9, 2009

Early season projections are great. Emilio Bonifacio is on pace for 162 steals; six guys have hit a homer in each of their games; Ubaldo Jimenez will not give up a run all season, and Joe Girardi will be fired by Tuesday. Yes indeed, the Yankees are 0-2. We should probably all start panicking now, because starting 0-2 is a harbinger of bad things.

More amusing than the Yankees struggles to hit the Orioles questionable starting pitching is that I wrote last week about how great Bruney, Coke and the Yankees bullpen would be. My, oh my! I don’t think it is anything to fret over, as Coke was on his third inning of work and the homerun was of the shady variety, headed probably inches over the wall. It likely would have been caught by Damon as well, if not for the quick hands of the O’s fans in left field. Boy, I hate it when that happens.

There are way more positives to look at than negatives. My favorite thing to take away from the first two games is how good Cano looks. He’s going to have a monstrous rebound year. Jeter homered today, so the weak wrist/hand that plagued him last year should be no more, and hopefully he has learned his lesson about playing through injuries when they actually impair your capabilities. And even though Wang got knocked around earlier today, he still got on the mound for the first time since last July. It’s been a lot longer than it seems since he started a game.

Essentially, stay away from the New York papers. Any hype drawn from these first two games is just as valid as the red scare. I guess that would make Mike Lupica Joe McCarthy.


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